Meet the Candidates

Welcome to the "Meet the Candidates" page for the upcoming 2017 - 2018 Associated Student Body General Elections. Please take an opportunity to review the candidates campaign statements in order for YOU to make an informed decision when casting your vote.

At the time of voting ALL STUDENTS will need to cast their votes for the candidates.

Thank you and happy voting season!

ASB President
Name: Javier Salcedo

Major: Political Science
My duty as an LBCC Outreach Ambassador, serving as President of my social service club (The Order of THOR), and my current position as the LAC Cultural Affairs Chair are what set me on course to be involved in student government. I want to serve as ASB President to bring order and stability to LBCC. Service, involvement and devotion in the greater Long Beach community has become a staple to my commitment as a student of LBCC. Hard work through planned collective efforts and solid communication is how we accomplish great tasks and make LBCC the best city college experience now, and give every future alumni pride to be able to look back at their community college life and relish in the nostalgia of what it is to live in the moment and be a Long Beach City College Viking.

ASB Secretary
Name: Jan Paolo Canteras

Major: Psychology
The reason that brought me to the student government is that I am a firm believer that I am ready and capable of leading and helping the student life of LBCC. Even though I grew up in another country and have only been in LBCC for one year, I am determined to put myself out there and contribute my knowledge and experience that I learned from my leadership training and improve the experience of the students and the community. I also want to set myself as a good role model to influence and motivate my fellow students in reaching their goals and ambitions during their stay on campus.

Name: Joe E. Sanchez

Major: Dance & Kinesiology
After being on the Club Senate board for a year, my passion for LBCC involvement has grown and has sparked my interest in ASB by watching current members, and seeing their involvement with our school. I would like to partake in that journey to make our school better every day that I am here.

ASB Treasurer
Name: Nash Neyra

Major: Business Management/Marketing
My name is Nash Neyra, a 20 year old Business Administration major. I am running for the Treasurer position on the Associated Student Body. I am running for Treasurer because it directly ties in with my major and I know I can do a good job handling the schools funds while ensuring that all transactions are accounted for. What brought me to student government is the determination of giving my knowledge and full effort in being a part of ASB. I am not promising I will be perfect; however, I do promise to consistently learn and apply myself fully to the cabinet. My passion for serving students stemmed from being a part of a social organization on campus. Through this I gained experienced and built strong connections with my fellow peers. In ASB, I wish to continue learning, immersing myself in the experience, and continuing to build strong connections with the greater student population

Student Trustee
Name: Jorgel Chavez

Major: Political Science & Communication Studies
After being a student for the past three semesters, I have decided that I want to contribute much more to Long Beach City College. Therefore I have decided to declare my candidacy for Student Trustee. A little about myself, I am a double major in Political Science with a specialty in American Politics and Communication Studies with a specialty in Speech Communication and returned back from San Francisco State University to Long Beach City College in Summer 2016. The reason why I decided to run is because I want to primarily develop a stronger bond between the students and those who govern. I believe we should continue building off from what our current student trustee has already done and simply plan, produce, and present. Ultimately, I look forward to what the future has in store for Long Beach City College and would greatly appreciate your vote.

Name: Wendy Mora

Major: English
As a leader I have learned to listen. As a mentor, to inspire. As a student I have learned to ask for help when necessary and as a peer, to lend a helping hand. My passion is to assist first generation college students to transfer to four year institutions. The burden that the college’s underrepresented factions carry must be replaced with equity. Impacted majors, such as nursing and career technical education must be expanded to serve the high volume of students applying to these majors. Together we will promote a safe haven for DACA, LGBTQ+, and the other marginalized communities in Long Beach City College’s student body. We need a place where students facing similar issues can interact. As student trustee I will work with my colleagues to ensure that student opinions are heard and taken seriously through active student engagement.

ASB PCC Vice President 1
Name: Jonathan Anicete

Major: Computer Science
I made the decision of taking on student government because I want to help and serve the students attending Long Beach City College. I am willing to handle the responsibilities of the student government and resolve any issues concerning our student body. I desire an established connection between students of LBCC and ASB members. Many students believe PCC is the lesser campus because of its size. I'm going to shift their perspectives and reveal PCC's true potential. I will demonstrate PCC's effectiveness in planning future events. I will coordinate and create events that will draw the attention of PCC's student body and will fulfill my duties of our sister campus at LAC as well.

ASB LAC Vice President
Name: Edwin Martinez

Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
My name is Edwin Martinez and I am planning to run for LAC Vice President. This is my second semester here at LBCC and I have ambitions of going to medical school and becoming a doctor later in life, preferably within the surgical field. I am an Honors student and plan to graduate from the Honors Program. I am an Outreach Ambassador here at LBCC so I am aware of how this college functions and I also enjoy being an advocate for LBCC and talking to incoming prospective and current students about LBCC and what opportunities we have to offer. I am involved with organizations here on campus so I have an idea of how the school government functions. I want to get involved with student government because I want to serve our school and the community in an honorable way by showing that we care for student opinions and that what we do as a group will produce positive outcomes for the students and staff of this campus.