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3QC Commissioning

Teri Becker 949-681-7084
Amec Foster Wheeler Construction Management,Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Civil,Engineering Geotechnical,Engineering Structural,Environmental,Inspector

Brian Franklin 323.889.5300
Another Perpective Inc Architecture,Architecture - Landscape,Architecture: Parking Facilities,Auditor,Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Geotechnical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural,Environmental,Inspector,Legal,Quality Assurance,Safety & Environmental Consultant,Scheduler,Surveying

Cesar Villacis 212-444-2312
BASE Architecture, Planning & Engineering, Inc. Architecture,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Michael Huang, RA LEED AP 310.988.1080
Bharti Sudan Auditor,Other

Bharti Sudan, CPA 9098616542
Caltech Labs, Inc Engineering Civil,Engineering Geotechnical,Inspector,Quality Assurance

Jessy Pelayo 6263471704
Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc. Commissioning,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing

Christopher Tejeda 9168513500
Coffman Engineers, Inc, Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural,Other

Amina Hansford 3233296537
Cogstone (Archaeology & Paleontology) Environmental

Sherri Gust 714-974-8300
Communication Strategies Audio Visual Information Technology

Kerry McLachlan 408-410-9632
Core States Group Architecture,Commissioning,Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural

Leon So 9494326860
CTE South Construction Materials Testing

Eric Cox 9514766975
CTI Environmental, Inc. Construction Management,Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Environmental

Robin Thorne 5626088401
CWE Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Structural,Environmental,Inspector,Other,Safety & Environmental Consultant,Surveying,Traffic &Transportation,Waste Management

Jason Pereira 714-526-7500
Darin Johnstone Architects Architecture,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Darin Johnstone 323-478-9700
David Herrera Architecture Architecture

David Herrera 310-650-4801
DC Engineering Group Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Structural,Surveying,Traffic &Transportation

Aaron Calderon 213-628-3023
DLR Group Architecture,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural

Dan Frank 310.857.5324
Earth Systems Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Inspector,Quality Assurance

Kevin Paul 951-928-9799
EEI Engineering Geotechnical

Timothy Lester 760 431-3747
Engineering Alignment Systems, Inc. Engineering Structural

Derrick Muska 714-664-8991
Engineering Economics Inc. Commissioning

Austin Crow 310-568-0807
Etairos Corp. dba Western Data Computer - Networks/Installation/Voice/Data,Computer - Recovery & Backup ,Relocation, storage, record storage,Security

Michael Taylor 9513600558
Facilities Planning & Program Service, Inc Construction Management,Other

Ron Beeler (714) 267-7209
Fenagh Engineering and Testing, LLC Construction Materials Testing,Quality Assurance

Justin Harr 9095876374
Fuscoe Engineering, Inc. Engineering Civil,Environmental,Surveying

Linda Moore 949.474.1960
Fuscoe Engineering, Inc. Architecture,Architecture - Landscape,Architecture: Parking Facilities,Engineering Civil,Surveying

Taleen Mason 213.988.8802
GAJ Engineering LLC Construction Management

Gamal Elgaali 9497261134
GeoSoils Consultants Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Inspector,Other,Quality Assurance

Richard Mahoney 818-785-2158 ext. 212
Gridscape Solutions, Inc. Commissioning,Computer - Networks/Installation/Voice/Data,Construction Management,Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Structural,Environmental,Other,Safety & Environmental Consultant

Vipul Gore 5108946030
Griffin Enright Archiects Architecture,Architecture - Landscape,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Margaret Griffin 310-391-4484
Guidepost Solutions LLC Audio Visual Information Technology,Computer - Networks/Installation/Voice/Data,Security

Liz Jordan-Teicheira 510-250-6225
Henderson Engineers Audio Visual Information Technology,Commissioning,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Other,Security

Felix Gomez 2132544722
HMC Architects Architecture

Kristina Singiser (213) 542-8300
IndpSolutions, Inc. Dba Independent Solutions Construction Management,Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Inspector,Quality Assurance

Cindy Dickens 9516743222
Integris Management Group, Inc. Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Structural,Inspector,Quality Assurance,Scheduler

Patricia Bywater 9097520229
Kenco Construction Services, Inc. Inspector

Ken Hinge 714-981-2752
Kenco Construction Services, Inc. Inspector

Jeff Barnes 626-625-6965
Kitchell Architecture,Architecture - Landscape,Architecture: Parking Facilities,Commissioning,Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Geotechnical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural,Quality Assurance

Ricardo Cano 7142784433
KPFF Consulting Engineers Engineering Civil,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Structural

Jose Hernandez (562) 437-9100
Lee Andrews Group, Inc. Construction Management,Other

Alisha James 213-891-2965
Leighton Consuting Engineering Geotechnical,Environmental,Quality Assurance

Vincent Ip 213-542-1682
Leo A Daly Architecture

Deborah A Varon 2136290100
Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects Architecture

Marlene Imirzian 760-480-5548
Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects Architecture

Marlene Imirzian 760-480-5548
McAlister GeoScience Engineering Geotechnical,Environmental,Safety & Environmental Consultant

David McAlister 7144233796
Meyers Nave Legal

Shannon Daggett 213-626-2906
MHP, Inc. Structural engineers Engineering Structural

Christine Hollon 562-985-3200
MVE + Partners Architecture

Timothy Smallwood 9498093388
NAC Architecture Architecture

Suzan Edwards 323.475.8075
National Elevator Inspection Services Inspector

Angela Malone 800-886-6347, x3832
National Elevator Inspection Services, Inc. Commissioning,Inspector,Other,Safety & Environmental Consultant

Angela Malone 3146822611
Pacific Rim Architects Architecture,Architecture: Parking Facilities,Construction Management,Inspector

Mark Anderson 2132226249
Pacific Rim Architects Architecture

Mark Anderson 2132226249
Pacifica Services, Inc Construction Management,Environmental

Larry W. Hubler, Jr 626-405-0131
Perkins + Will Architecture,Architecture - Landscape,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Sing Sing Lee 2132708505
Plump Engineering, Inc. Architecture,Architecture: Parking Facilities,Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural,Surveying

Jan Ford, Business Development Manager (714) 385-1835
R S Construction Services Inspector

Ralph Shryock 562-884-5840
Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Underwriter

Randy Merritt 949-485-5903
RNT Architects Architecture

Rachel Carr 619.235.7363
Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc. Architecture

Rachel Carr 619.235.7363
RS Construction Services Inc. Inspector

Ralph Shryock 5628845840
Sandy Pringle Associates Inspector

Sandy Pringle 3107878811
Sandy Pringle Associates Inspection Consultants, Inc. Inspector

Sandy Pringle 3107878811
Smith-Emery Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Inspector,Quality Assurance

Michael Burke 7143960448
Smith-Emery Laboratories Construction Materials Testing,Quality Assurance

Michael Burke 7143960448
Southern California Soil & Testing, Inc. Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Environmental,Inspector

Royce Parker 714-317-3405
Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] Architecture,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Ann Margaret Monteclaro 3105580902
Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] Architecture,Architecture - Landscape,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Ann Margaret Monteclaro 3105580902
Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] Architecture,Architecture: Parking Facilities

Ann Margaret Monteclaro 3105580902
SWA Group Architecture - Landscape

SWA Group 2137872589
SWS Engineering, Inc. Engineering Civil,Surveying

Bree Tsaniff 7607440011
Sys - Tek Commissioning

Ed Roman 562-537-1738
Tabbara Corporation Construction Management,Engineering Civil,Engineering Geotechnical,Environmental

Lara Tabbara 805-484-3388
TBP Architecture, Inc. Architecture

Gary Moon 9496730300 x272
tBP/Architecture Architecture

Gary P. Moon, AIA 949 673 0300
Terra Environmental Construction Materials Testing,Environmental,Inspector,Safety & Environmental Consultant,Surveying

Alfred Delgadillo 562.318.9538 ALFRED@TERRAENG.COM
Terra Environmental Services Inc. Environmental,Inspector,Safety & Environmental Consultant

Alfred Delgadillo 5628683777
TETRA TECH Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural,Environmental,Safety & Environmental Consultant,Surveying

Kamran Saber 949-383-0425
The Converse Professional Group dba Converse Consultants Construction Materials Testing,Engineering Geotechnical,Environmental,Quality Assurance,Safety & Environmental Consultant,Waste Management

Suky Ngo 6269301200
The Solis Group Construction Management,Other,Safety & Environmental Consultant,Scheduler

Gary Hamm 626-685-6989
Triad Consulting & System Design Group Audio Visual Information Technology,Security

Mike Ulwelling 949-943-9422

Mike Ulwelling 1-949-943-9422
Trinity Systems Commissioning

Miguel Corcio 5628322689
TTG Engineers Commissioning,Engineering Civil,Engineering Electrical,Engineering Mechanical,Engineering Plumbing,Engineering Structural

Robert Carley 626-463-2800
United Engineering Geotechnical,Inspector,Quality Assurance

Kevin Ramirez 9516974777
United-Heider Inspection Group Construction Materials Testing

Kevin Ramirez 9516974777
Vital Inspection Services Inc. Inspector

Shannon Webster 888-613-7227 888-613-7227
Vital Inspection Services Inc. Inspector

Shannon Webster 9095737515
Vital Inspection Services, Inc. Inspector

Delainie Baker 888-613-7227
Westberg+White Architects Architecture

Greg Beard 7142923710
William Allan Financial Advisors Financial Advisor

Andrew (800) 677-5309 info@
WLC Architects, Inc. Architecture

Mark Graham 909-987-0909
Z Best Media Promotional Products

Andre Love 5622486617