LBCC Promise Pathways Agreement
Promise Pathways is designed by Long Beach City College (LBCC) to support my success in completing a certificate, degree, and/or transferring to a four-year college. I understand that to be eligible to participate in the Promise Pathways program I must have graduated from an eligible high school in 2018.

As a participant in Promise Pathways, I agree to complete the following requirements before the start of my first semester at LBCC:
  • An online orientation required for all new LBCC students
  • The LBCC assessment to determine appropriate course placement
  • Meet with a Counselor to complete a personalized Student Educational Plan
As a Promise Pathways student, I will receive and participate in:
  • Placement in English (or ESL), Math, and/or Reading (or ESL Reading) classes based upon the results of my LBCC assessment
  • Priority registration for my first two years of courses with successful progress in the program
  • Academic and career counseling culminating in the development of a comprehensive Student Educational Plan
  • Support services and events designed to provide the support I need to complete my educational and career goals
  • Achievement Coaching, if selected, to help with goal setting, resource referrals, and support adjusting to and performing well in college coursework
To remain eligible for Promise Pathways and priority registration, I am responsible for:
  • Enrolling in the appropriate success course as prescribed by my Counselor:
    • COUNS 1 (Orientation for College Success) or COUNS 48 (Career Exploration)
  • Working with Counselors (appointment, workshop, class, etc.) to identify my major at the completion of 15 degree-applicable units
  • Enrolling in coursework that is aligned with the major identified on my Student Educational Plan
  • Completing 24 units in an academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)**
  • Maintaining good academic standing (2.0 overall GPA and complete at least 67% of courses taken each semester)
  • Attending a counseling appointment at least once each semester to ensure my continued academic progress
  • Attending Achievement Coaching meetings, if selected
I have read the above requirements and benefits.
I understand that any changes to the requirements of this program may supersede requirements outlined in this agreement
I understand that this agreement is valid until I officially withdraw, graduate, transfer, meet eligibility limitations, or fail to remain in good standing.
I hereby authorize the release of information to Promise Pathways from the informational resources of the college and from my high school district for the purpose of following my academic progress and to assist with the implementation, evaluation, and improvement of Promise Pathways once I have been admitted to the program.

** Exceptions may be provided for students registered with Disability Support Services who have accommodations